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JSGeeks is a dynamic and innovative company which has been founded with the purpose of providing wide range of top class JavaScript services to corporate customers.

We understand that each customer works in different environment and has his own priorities, so the services that we are offering have been designed to satisfy the customers in their specific needs. The way of JSGeeks to support customers is Speed and Simplicity.


Our clients:
IBM/TeaLeaf, The Wonderfactory, Overstat,
Sociofabrica, T8Y GmbH, VersionZwei, Girigiri Software


Technical Specialist Support

  • » JSGeeks.com provides a wide range of specialized JavaScript professionals
  • » Benefit from dependable, best-in-class support
  • » Reduce learning costs, and maximize the business value of every JavaScript code deployed in your environment
  • » Manage risk and leverage valuable software innovation to maximize the return on your investment by applying JavaScript Best Practices


JavaScript Tailored Trainings

JSGeeks.com offers a wide range of standard and customer tailored JavaScript trainings, Such training program is designed such as to cover all your needs, from beginner to expert level.

  • » Increase your productivity by using more equipped and self-sustainable professional resources
  • » More thorough identification and tracking of risks to avoid nasty surprises
  • » Improve your customer satisfaction, in delivering reliable and robust application in a shorter time frame


JavaScript Consulting

The System Performance, Security and Standardization specialty focuses on the unique challenges of managing and deploying enterprise infrastructure. JSGeeks consultants can help you to assemble, optimize, and manage the IT resources your business needs to achieve its objectives. Here are some of the key consulting services we are able to provide to maximize the JavaScript potentiality:

  • » code quality
  • » web security and performance
  • » testing and deployment

JavaScript News

Version 1.3 of Qooxdoo - an open-source, object-oriented UI framework has been released. In new release you can find additional GUI widgets, unit test moduele, integretion with Selenium and support for mobile devices.

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